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Papalote Rancho Viejo

papalote rancho 1 small

Looking east.

papalote rancho 2 small

Looking northwest.

papalote rancho 3 small

Looking southeast.

papalote rancho 4 small

Looking west.

Papalote Rancho Viejo Campsite:  From the turn-off on the north side of the main road, you will see a stone corral built in the 1930s toward the east. This road was part of the original road into the ranch from Marfa to the north. The picnic table, fire ring and tent pads are sheltered by the stone pila (water tank) and sit in a partially shaded area near the papalote (windmill).

You will find ample opportunities for bird-watching and wildlife viewing. The nearby mesas and mountains shelter the site from much of the high wind in the area. Southeast is a spring marked by cottonwoods; it is an excellent place for year-round bird-watching.

The Rancho Viejo Trailhead is a few hundred yards north. This moderately difficult trail along Teneros Creek leads into scenic Manzanillo Canyon.

Access:  Two-wheel drive.

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