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Pila Montoya Campsite

pila montoya 1 small

Pila Montoya 3.

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Pila Montoya 3.

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Spectacular views from your tent.

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Cowboy coffee.

If you listen closely, some say you can still hear the horses and mules of the stage and freight lines struggling up the steep incline of the road. Located on the eastern edge of the park within the Solitario and the Fresno Canyon – Contrabando lowlands lies Fresno Canyon. Beginning 9,000 years ago, human populations utilized and lived in Fresno Canyon. Native American rock art sites and the ruins of historic homes dot the landscape of this eye-catching canyon.

Surrounded by ancient basaltic lava beds, scenic campsites are located right next to the historic Marfa to Lajitas stagecoach road. These campsites are designated backcountry single sites located in the Upper Fresno Backcountry Zone near Pila Montoya.

Pila Montoya is a rock water tank located seven miles east of Sauceda. The campsites have one picnic table, a fire ring and two tent pads. The campsites can support eight people. There is a maximum of three cars allowed in the parking area. If you are looking for seclusion, these sites are perfect for you.

GPS Coordinates:
Pila Montoya 1 - UTM 610348 E 3264789 N
Pila Montoya 2 - UTM 610427 E 3263474 N
Pila Montoya 3 - UTM 610558 E 3263093 N

Access:  Travel east on Camino a la Sauceda on the two-wheel drive all-access road to Pila Montoya Road. Turn right onto Pila Montoya Road to the campsites on the two-wheel drive high clearance road.

Distance from Sauceda Visitor Center (all distances are approximate):

  • Sauceda to Pila Montoya 1:  7.0 miles
  • Pila Montoya 1 to Pila Montoya 2:  1.0 miles
  • Pila Montoya 2 to Pila Montoya 3:  1.4 miles

About these sites:

  • Next to the historic Lajitas to Marfa stagecoach road.
  • Great launching points for day hikes on the stage road, into the Solitario and Upper Fresno Canyon.
  • Excellent stargazing on clear nights.
  • The campsites are protected from strong winds by rocky outcroppings, yet open enough to not feel confined.
  • Common plants are ocotillo, cholla, prickly pear cacti, mariola and long-stemmed grasses.

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