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rancherias 1 small

Looking east.

rancherias 2 small

Looking west from the campsite.

rancherias 3 small

Looking north by northwest.

rancherias 4 small

The canyon split as seen
from the Rancherias Campsite.

The Rancherias Campsite is in the deep interior of the park, located on the 4x4 Rancherias Trail at the entrance to a canyon. Rancherias #1 lies on the eastern side of a hill and is protected on all sides. The nearby floodplain leads to two canyons to the north and east that are great for day hikes. The area is frequented by wild burros; their tracks are everywhere. To the west are rock formations with canyons suitable for day hikes. The picnic table and fire ring are set up against a high bluff, among boulders. Sunrises and sunsets should be dramatic.

Access:  Four-wheel drive high clearance.

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