Views of Yedra Canyon
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If you are looking for seclusion in an intimate, protected setting, try Yedra #1 or Yedra #2. At the end of the four-wheel drive road is a parking area at a spring at Yedra Canyon. These sites are secluded; you will only hear your own voice, the whisper of the wind and the rustle of local wildlife.

Views from Yedra #1

yedra 4 small
Yedra #1 campsite.
yedra 5 small
Looking north.
yedra 6 small
Looking west.
yedra 7 small
Looking west.

Yedra #1:  The road here traverses a creek bottom with heavy, close overgrowth. The slow drive will end at an intimate, secluded campsite nestled among large boulders. The fire ring and table are protected on the east and west. The large peak to the west is Cueva Larga. The vista to the north is open for miles. Secluded, but safe and comfortable for family members.

Access:  Four-wheel drive high clearance.

Views from Yedra #2

yedra 8 small
Looking north.
yedra 9 small
Fire ring, looking to the south.
yedra 10 small
Campsite looking towards the south.
yedra 11 small
Looking west.

Yedra #2:  The four-wheel drive road very rough and steep in places. Drive slowly and use care. This site is open to the south and west, but the table and fire ring are sheltered from the prevailing southerly winds by boulders. The spring marked by a stand of cottonwoods is only a short hike away. Look for wildlife tracks around the creek and spring. The sunrises and sunsets are unforgettable.

Access:  Four-wheel drive high clearance.

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