Campsite with Water (Equestrian)

  • Number of Sites: 1
  • People per Site: 12
Escondido Pens Escondido Pens Escondido Pens Escondido Pens

This site is known as Escondido Pens. The equestrian fee is $2 per horse per day, in addition to other park fees. You must obtain a backcountry use permit and bring your own weed-free horse feed. Horses must have documentation of current Coggins tests. This rugged country is hard on horses and horseshoes; you and your horse must be physically fit. Call the park ahead of time to ask about the availability of water for your horse while on the trail.

Escondido Pens is an equestrian staging area located on the broad plain of the
Llano. Escondido Pens has a ramada (shade shelter), picnic table, fire ring,
livestock pens, running water and a primitive toilet. The water is piped from nearby Ojo
Escondido Springs; artifacts of the ranching era include a pila (stone water tank), and a
working bebedero (short water trough).

Horseback riding is easy here, and the scenery is excellent. Two hike and bike trails
exiting from the east side of the road start between three quarters of a mile and a mile
south of the campground. The northernmost trail takes you to the Papalote Encino
campsite about 3 miles away. Cross country hiking is also good. Climb the short rise to
the west of the campground for a good view of La Mota mountain which is particularly
beautiful at sunrise.

You do not need 4-wheel drive to get to this campsite.



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