Buescher State Park, a scenic area, is 1,016.7 acres just north of Smithville in Bastrop County. Between the years 1933 and 1936, Emil and Elizabeth Buescher originally deeded 318 acres of land to the state. After Emil Buescher's death, his heirs donated 318 more acres. The rest of the park land was acquired from the city of Smithville. The original park totaled 1,738 acres and opened in 1940. Approximately 700 of the acres were later deeded to MD Anderson and UT Cancer Center.

This parkland was part of Austin's colonial grant, and the original park improvements were made by the Civilian Conservation Corps. A scenic park road connects Buescher State Park with Bastrop State Park, and travels through a part of the lovely lost pines, a remnant of what is thought to have once been an extensive pine-oak forest covering much of Central Texas during the time Ice Age glaciers reigned to the north.