Alerts . . . 

Park Alert

Alerts . . . 

Flooding closures

July 6, 2019 - Various areas are closed due to flooding or flood damage.

Current flooding closures:

* Talala Trail

* Various shoreline campsites


Past flooding damage closures:

* Pavilion

* Some camping areas

* J-loop day-use area (near Penn Farm)


Trail access depends on weather and trail repairs. The Marina is permanently closed and bait isn't for sale in the park.

Invasive Ants

Argentine ants, an invasive species, are in some campsites at this park. The ants do not sting. TPWD is working with experts to reduce the ants without harming natural resources. Before leaving, thoroughly inspect your vehicle, RV, camping gear, and other equipment; If you see the ants, please notify park staff immediately and they can offer guidance for treating. Learn more about invasive ants and how to avoid spreading them.

For more information, please contact the park.