Copper Breaks State Park

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Stargazing at Copper Breaks

Stargazer's Dream

Night sky over a lake
Photo by Ben Jacobi
Person standing at campsite observing night sky
Photo by Chris Emory

Copper Breaks is a stargazer’s dream destination - far from big cities and on the Texas plains. You’ll enjoy exceptional night sky views here.

The International Dark Sky Association has designated Copper Breaks as an International Dark Sky Park.

We offer monthly star parties April through November, as well as other night sky programs throughout the year. Check our Events page for the schedule.

You don’t need to attend a program to see our dark skies. Enjoy the grandeur of the Milky Way and a panoply of stars from your campsite - no telescope needed!

Stargazing information:

How dark is it?

The Bortle Dark-Sky Scale measures how well you can see objects in the sky at night. Light pollution and sky glow can interfere with your ability to see “celestial objects.”

The scale ranges from Class 1, the darkest skies available on Earth, through Class 9, inner-city skies. Copper Break’s Bortle Scale rating is 2. (Visit Bortle Scale Ratings page to see ratings for all state parks.)

Check out Copper Breaks Light Pollution Map. The park is at the crosshairs.

Clear Sky Chart

A Clear Sky Chart is an astronomer’s forecast about sky conditions, including, darkness, cloudiness, transparency and the seeing quality. More information about the Clear Sky Chart can be found here.

An infrared aerial view of the night sky over Copper Breaks State Park

The rising and setting of the moon, the Milky Way passing directly overhead, and man-made light can cause fluctuations in sky darkness.

To learn more, look up current moon phase information for Copper Breaks State Park.

Bright stars over the park