Fairfield Lake State Park

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Tree trunk with vine with fall colors growing up the trunk.The park sits in the transition zone between the pine forests to the east and prairie grasslands to the north and west. As you hike along the trails, look for changes in scenery.

Varied habitats

Tall elm, pecan and ash trees grow in the rich bottomlands along Big Brown Creek. Water from the creek supports these large trees and lush undergrowth.

Along the lake’s edge, wetland cattails, bulrushes and water lilies create a marshland oasis for birds, turtles and frogs.

Away from the water, post oaks dominate the drier landscape.

Wildlife in the park

River otter lying on the ground next to water.These diverse habitats support a wide variety of life. River otters play in the lake and river while white-tailed deer graze throughout the park. Other wildlife here includes raccoons, foxes, beavers, squirrels and, of course, armadillos.

Calls of waterfowl and shorebirds provide background music for your visit year-round. Bald eagles do their own fishing here year-round.