Park Alerts . . .

Park Alerts

Park Alerts . . .


July 6, 2019 - The park is undergoing repairs:

* Cedar Sage camping area and restroom are closed for construction work.

* Day-use area playground and restrooms are closed during the entire construction period; portable toilets are available in the area. No running water is available. The closest water is at the Wagon Ford and Turkey Sink campground restrooms.

Check here for updates or contact the park for more information.

Capacity Closures

We have a very high volume of visitors on most good-weather weekends and holidays. We close when parking lots are full. People with camping reservations will be able to enter during these closures.


Purchase “Save the Day” passes to guarantee entry using the new state parks reservation system. If you come without a pass, please arrive early and have a back-up plan.


Check our Facebook page or call us for closure updates.