Ranger Notes

Monarch Waystation

May 2019

Bed of various wildflowersThe horsemint, Texas star, antelope-horns, firewheels and mealy blue sage are all blooming in the pool garden. This is my favorite garden in the park and my favorite time of year for this garden.

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Your Forest's Imposter

March 2019

Tree draped with mossI love Spanish moss. I’ll admit it. I love how it dangles and sways from the branches of ma­jes­tic trees. I love walking through old growth for­ests that are thick with the stuff. It reminds me of lace draped over the arms of stately ladies.

But Spanish moss is an imposter.

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Who Took Over Fence Line Trail?

February 2019

leaf cutter ant carrying a pice of leafAs you walk along Fence Line Trail, the elevation changes and the trail dips into a shady and sandy area. When the ground rises back from this spot on the other side, you can see it is covered in brown mounds like large pim­ples. Upon closer in­spec­tion, you see that many little red-brown bodies are marching to and fro amongst the mounds, carry­ing giant leaf pieces over their heads like um­brel­las. You’re looking at one of nature’s earliest and most skilled farmers: leaf cutter ants.

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Forest Bathing

January 2019

shady forest trail

It is Jan­u­ary, and that means New Year’s resolutions. The talk this time of year is usually about exer­cise, doing some­thing good for your body, and in­creasing your well-being. Sound familiar?

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