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April 2020

Park employee working on remodeling officeWhile parks are closed to the public for the time being, Lockhart State Park staff have been making the best of the situation. Park employees are reporting to work every day and finding many tasks to keep them busy.

April 20, 2020 - The park has reopened since this article was written.

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The Foreign Invader

March 2020

As our community and our state practice social distancing this month, I’m hoping that you may still find yourself outside, at least in your neighborhood or backyard.

In those spaces – especially between properties and in alleyways – you may find a sinister invader from China. No, I’m not talking about COVID-19. I’m talking about a plant. Specifically, glossy privet.

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Feral Hog Update

February 2020

Feral hog in trapYou may have heard the term “feral hog” before, but do you know what makes a hog “feral” and why they are such a big problem in Caldwell County and Texas in general?

A “feral” animal is a wild animal that was once domesticated or whose ancestors were domesticated.

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Settling in for the Winter

January 2020

close-up of red oak leaves

The weather may not feel like it, but winter has arrived in Lockhart State Park. All over the park, plants, animals and people have been preparing for the onset of cooler weather.

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