Lyndon B. Johnson State Park & Historic Site

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LBJ's Solar Eclipse FAQs

A total eclipse is coming to Texas, and LBJ State Park is in the viewing path. Before planning to watch from the park, please read through these FAQs.

Can I camp overnight in the park?
No! Overnight camping or parking are not permitted on park grounds or along Ranch Road 1. Park hours are 6 am to 10 pm. You may not leave items in the park overnight to reserve your space. This includes areas along Ranch Road 1 and the banks of the Pedernales River.
Are reservations required?
Entry into the state park and national park will be on a first-come, first-served basis. We won’t take reservations even for pass holders. We will turn away vehicles when the parking lot is full.
How much will it cost to enter the park?
Entry is free to both the state and national park.
Where can I park?
Parking is permitted only in paved, marked parking spaces. Do not park on the grass or along or in roadways.
Will there be food available for purchase?
The park’s gift shop has a small selection of snacks and drinks for sale, while supplies last.
Can I bring a picnic?
Yes, please. We encourage you to bring your own food. The park has several picnic sites that are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
Can I set my chair out the day before to save a space or picnic site?
Leaving personal property unattended is not permitted. We will treat personal property left overnight as abandoned property in accordance with state law and TPWD policy.
Can I bring and set up a barbecue grill?
Containerized gas grills (i.e., propane) are allowed but wood-burning and charcoal grills are not allowed. The picnic area has a limited number of barbecue grills (charcoal only) available on a first-come, first-served basis.
Are drones allowed in the park?
No, drones cannot be launched within either the state or national park.
Will we be able to get solar eclipse glasses there?
Yes, we plan to have a limited supply of ISO-certified solar eclipse glasses for sale in our gift shop.
Are pets allowed?
Yes, pets are allowed in the park, but must be kept on a six-foot leash and always under your control. You are required to pick up after them. Pets are not allowed inside any state building. No horses or other livestock are permitted.
Are buses or RVs allowed in the park that day?
Yes, but they are highly discouraged as parking spaces for larger vehicles are limited. Buses and RVs will not be allowed to take multiple car parking spaces. We will turn buses and RVs away when large parking spaces are full. Buses and RVs will not be allowed in the national park that day.
Will there be educational programs?
We are planning programs for the days prior to the event, but not on the day of the eclipse. The LBJ National Park is planning to conduct programs on the day of the eclipse.
Can I dump my RV’s grey or black water?
No, we do not have dump station facilities in either the state or national park.
What activities are planned at the National Park (aka LBJ Ranch)?
For information on those activities, visit their website.