2015 Presidio Art Student Entries

Several of this year’s 200 entries came from a high school art class in Presidio. The students’ teacher, Laurie Holman, organized a workshop in the Big Bend Ranch State Park area, where the students painted landscapes and animal portraits and took pictures of the surrounding scenery.

“The one thing I try to make the students see is that they live in one of the most beautiful places in Texas,” Holman said. “Many of these kids have never lived anywhere else and do not travel much, so they maybe do not realize how lucky they are to get to see and experience their everyday surroundings. We are all very lucky here.”

Three of the more than 20 submissions from these students are featured in the 2016 calendar.

Big Bend Landscape by Claudia N, age 14
Bluebonnet Javelina by Genira B, age 17
The Perfect Desert by Samanatha C, age 16
Sunny Desert by Brenda H, age 17
Big Bend Landscape.jpg
Big Bend Landscape by Krisna S, age 16
Baby Deer by Ivye D, age 15
Big Bend Bluebonnet by Sammantha B, age 17
El Coyote.jpg
El Coyote by Tamara C, age 16
Big Bend Black Bear by Yasmine B, age 15
Untitled by Nathalia M, age 16
Big Bend Bluebonnets by Genira B, age 17
Santa Elena Canyon by Esequiel H, age 18
El Jaguar Salvaje by Yosdy V, age 17
Wild Burros of the Big Bend by Alyssa H, age 17
Nopales by Yesenia B, age 15
Rio Grande of the Big Bend by Genira B, age 17
Big Bend Cactus by Cameron R, age 16
Scratch Art Jack Rabbit by Kathia P, age 17
Illusion by Johanna L, age 16
Sunflower Rabbit by Yolanda C, age 15
mountain lion.jpg
Mountain Lion by Alonso V, age 17