Early occupation

Trail meanders through a prairie areaArcheologists have found evidence of roughly 18,000 years of Native Ameri­can presence in West Texas. It began with the Paleo-American hunters of giant Ice Age mammals.

Spaniards explored in the area in the 16th and 17th centuries. They estab­lished missions for the semi-settled Jumano Indians about this time.

Some of the Jumanos made their way along the forks of the Concho River to trade with Indian groups in central and eastern Texas.

Birth of a town

German immigrants began buying land in the Concho River area by the mid-1800s.

Fort Concho was established in 1867 to protect travelers bound for California. Settlement of Concho Country soon fol­lowed, as farmers, ranchers and sheep­herders arrived.

San Angelo became the county seat of Tom Green County in 1883. 

Birth of a park

rocky shores of blue lakeThe U.S. Army Corps of Engineers com­pleted O.C. Fisher Reser­voir in 1952. Its purpose was to control flooding on the North Concho River.

The 7,677-acre San Angelo State Park opened on May 1, 1995.