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November Game Wardens and Cadets in Swimming Pool2017

Game Warden FAQs (Preparing to Become a Game Warden)

What are some things I can do to better develop my career path to become a Texas Game Warden?

Although there is no exact blueprint to the career path of a Texas Game Warden, and mandatory requirements can be viewed on our website at, there are a few suggestions we can offer prospective applicants. 

Future applicants should consider all intern and volunteer opportunities through the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, in addition to volunteer opportunities in their own communities which involve animals, aquatics or law enforcement.  Potential applicants should also maintain a clean criminal history and an excellent driving record free of citations.  Lastly, by maintaining good physical fitness and a strong swimming ability, a candidate can better their ability to pass the physical readiness requirements and excel in the Game Warden Training Academy and throughout their career. 

Find us Here in November

Nov 3 – University of North Texas Dallas – CJ Career Day

Nov 4 – Travis County Exposition Center – Native American Indian Heritage Festival

Nov 9 – Veterans Job Fair, San Angelo

Nov 14 – Luling High School Career Day

Nov 17 – Step Up To Success -  Lockhart High School

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