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January 2018Female Game Warden in uniform while outdoors

Warden Spotlight Series (Q&A with Texas Game Warden Rachel Kellner, Uvalde County, 15 years of service)

What do you love about being a Texas Game Warden?

Honestly, there is not much about being a Texas Game Warden that I don’t love.  I love the fact that the great State of Texas is my office, and that my assigned county has a plentiful and diverse wildlife population.  One minute I can be checking dove hunters in one part of my county, then drive down the road and visit with a group of kids fishing and others enjoying our beautiful rivers and lakes.  I also love that my schedule is never set in stone and that I can truly say I’m never bored, because as soon as one season is winding down another season is gearing up.  This is my 15th year as a Texas Game Warden and I am proud to say that it is everything that I could have ever hoped for in a career.

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January 4 -Law Enforcement Career Speaker, Fleet and Family Support Center, Fort Worth

 January 24 - Veterans Career Day, American Legion, Austin  

 January 30 - Career Day, Texas A&M Kingsville

January 31 - Career Day, Austin Youth Council, Palmer Event Center- Austin

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