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Information Technology Division

The goal of the Information Technology (IT) Division is to ensure that each employee has access to the technology resources necessary to accomplish our shared mission. Information Technology Division is comprised of four distinct units: Operations, Customer Service, Quality Assurance and Application Development.

Information Technology is a customer-driven division, with a focus on delivering outstanding customer service. IT is entrusted with the fundamental responsibility of providing hardware and software support, direction regarding the integration of new and existing technologies, enhancing communication on technology issues and ensuring the security and integrity of our data networks. Some of our responsibilities include computer support and repair, training, telecommunication services, e-mail, internet and intranet services, systems development and support of our technology infrastructure.

Director of Information Technology
George Rios
Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
4200 Smith School Road
Austin, TX 78744
Telephone No.: (512) 389-8066

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