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The Outdoor Annual has gone mobile! Afield or afloat, it's easy to access regulations on your iPhone, iPad or Android, even without internet service.

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Have an iPad or iPhone? Then get ready to have the Texas Parks & Wildlife magazine plus bonus articles and videos with the new app, available now. Download the app and check out the "Dark Skies" issue for free, including stories on state parks and more!

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It's Time to go Fishing

Family Fishing

Consider this your invitation out of the daily grind and into the fresh air. Miles and miles of Texas' finest coastline, rivers and streams, and countless lakes and bays are out there just waiting for you.

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April 2015 Magazine cover

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Big Bend In Focus

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Outdoor Activity of the Month

Photography in Texas State Parks

Photography in Texas State Parks

Capture memories of your time in state parks, from magnificent sunsets to playful moments with family and friends. (Photo credit: Jake Kazmirski, Caddo Lake State Park)

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Digital Issue: Texas Fishing 2015

Digital Issue: Texas Fishing 2015

Freshwater forecast, covering bass, catfish, trout, crappie, etc. Saltwater forecast, covering all the major bays.

  • Hiring a fishing guide
  • The art of tying flies
  • Fish recipes

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Report Your Harvest with the New App

TPWD My Texas Hunt Harvest App

Gearing up for turkey season? Download the new My Texas Hunt Harvest app and report your harvested game in real time. Now, keep track of your hunting season successes easily from your smartphone or tablet. Your information will help us manage healthy game populations, keeping hunting great in Texas.

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TPWD Releases Dove Lethality Study Findings

Dove Hunting

Texas leads the nation in dove hunting with roughly a quarter million hunters bagging 5 million mourning doves each fall. Their success afield should not change with the type of shot used, according to the results of a just-released study examining the lethality of lead versus non-toxic shot for mourning dove. Read more »

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