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Public notice: The next Texas Parks & Wildlife Commission meeting is May 25, 2017.
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Invasive species like zebra mussels and giant salvinia are attacking your lakes and rivers. These invaders harm native plants and animals and hurt fishing, swimming and boating. Stop them from spreading – clean, drain and dry your boat before traveling from lake to lake.

State Parks

Prime State Park Campsites

Prime State Park Campsites
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Hey campers! Right now, if you subscribe to Texas Parks & Wildlife magazine, you'll receive our Prime State Park Campsites guide , packed with insider information on the best places to pitch a tent around the state - as our free gift to you! The guide is offered as a digital download that you can access from a mobile device or directly through your browser. It even includes some innovative s'mores recipes to help you spice up your next camping adventure!

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4 Soaring Spots

Wildflowers in Highland Lakes

Hawks and other raptors migrate through Texas each Spring (March through May), but they don't stay long. So now is the time to see the amazing spectacle of raptors soaring and gliding through the skies. This month, Texas Parks & Wildlife magazine gives you 4 ‘sure thing’ sites where you can watch them.

4 Sites to See Raptors

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Go Wild

Go Wild

Enjoy wildflowers, wildlife and wild fun at your Texas State Parks!

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State Parks

Planning for a Brighter Future.

Texas State Parks Centennial Plan

Thanks to the landmark bills passed by the Legislature, 94 percent of state sales tax revenue attributed to sporting goods is dedicated to Texas State Parks.


Get the Texas Fishing Guide

Texas Fishing Guide

As the fishing season heats up, our experts are bringing you the Texas Fishing Guide, packed with info on our state's most popular fish – now including both freshwater and saltwater fishes! You'll get details on where to find them and how to catch them. Get the special guide for free, exclusively in the Texas Parks & Wildlife magazine mobile app.

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New Interactive Map of the Texas Landscape

New Interactive Map of the Texas Landscape

The new Texas Ecosystem Analytical Mapper is now available for public use! Use this free interactive tool to create custom maps of the Texas landscape and its habitats. It includes information about vegetation, soils, geology, hydrology and ecoregions. Make your own Texas Vegetation Field Guide or discover another way this map can help you.

Use the map

State Parks

Download the Official App for Texas State Parks!

State Parks App

Now find your perfect state park escape using the Texas State Parks Official Guide for Apple and Android devices. The free app locates campgrounds, cabins, trails and places to hike, bike, swim, fish or kayak. And it’ll give you all the details on 95 state parks in Texas. Learn more about the app

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