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Pokémon loose in Texas State Parks

Pokémon Go in Texas State Parks

Believe it or not, Pokémon are roaming in a state park near you!

We welcome Pokémon GO players. Please follow some basic guidelines while you hunt for these virtual creatures in the parks.

Share your finds on social media, and hashtag them with #TexasParksPokemon!


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Park Pick: Bastrop State Park

Back to Life

Bastrop State Park

Consider Bastrop State Park our own Rocky Balboa. Knock it down – it just keeps getting back up.

Despite repeated fires and floods, the park still bustles with activity. Visitors book cabins and campsites, picnic in day-use areas, hike many of the trails, and cycle happily down hilly Park Road 1C between Bastorp and Buescher state parks.

In fact, as recovery efforts continue, park staff point to positives that rose from the ashes.

Read more in TPW magazine


Hike Pick: Longhorn Cavern State Park

Longhorn Cavern “Trail”

Longhorn Cavern Trail

Longhorn Cavern State Park has some loop trails outdoors, but the best way to beat the August heat is inside the cave itself!

Enjoy the cool air underground - 68 degrees year-round. Explore the magnificent, formation-filled cavern with a guide. Experience the legacy of the Civilian Conservation Corps boys and learn local lore.

Access to the cavern is by guided tour only. Book a Walking Tour, a 1.25-mile round trip that lasts about 1.5 hours. Get farther down and dirtier on a Wild Cave Tour. We even offer flashlight, paranormal and photography tours.

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Summer Fun

kids outside having summer fun

What will you do this summer? School is out, and it’s time to get together outdoors. Your cookouts and cool waters are waiting!

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