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Let's go ride a bike!

Family cycling

Do you like to go biking? Alone or with your family? On paved roads or adventurous trails? For leisurely rides or endurance treks?

You'll find biking options galore at Texas State Parks. Choose your distance, riding surface, difficulty level and scenery. Now load up your bike and go!


Park Pick: Monument Hill & Kreische Brewery State Historic Sites

The Angel on the Hill

Monument Hill

I'm not a native Texan. But I'm eager to learn more about my newly adopted state. After the obligatory Alamo tour, I visited Monument Hill & Kreische Brewery State Historic Sites in La Grange. There I found the work of an international award-winning artist.

Standing before me was a 10-foot-tall statue of an armed female angel. Her task: guarding 52 Texan men who died while fighting the Mexican army in the 1840s.

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Hike Pick: Lake Arrowhead State Park

Walk on the Wild Side

Lake Arrowhead Onion Creek Trail

Prairie dogs are not the only wildlife at Lake Arrowhead State Park. Follow the Onion Creek Trail as it winds along the lakeshore, across grasslands and through the wild plum thicket. Watch for deer, opossums, armadillos, raccoons, coyotes, skunks, and even bobcats.

If the lake level is high, head to the north end of the trail to watch water plummet over the spillway. This end of the trail also travels through a tunnel below FM 2606.

At the south end of the trail, test your skill on the disc golf course.

Enjoy this 5.5-mile trail on foot, bike or horseback.


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