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Visiting a popular park? Plan ahead!

Guadalupe River - overhead WS of tubers

Texans love their state parks. And we feel the love!

Popular parks often have long check-in lines. Some parks even have to close their gates once they fill up.

Helpful hints:

  • Arrive as early as possible.
  • Monitor parks’ social media accounts for updates.
  • Visit popular parks on weekdays.

Find lesser-known parks for new adventures!


Park Pick: Fort Richardson State Park & Historic Site

On the Frontier

Fort Richardson

Visit Fort Richardson State Park & Historic Site to learn about its fascinating frontier history. You’ll also enjoy the camping, hiking and fishing here!

Walk the same paths as famous Army officers such as Col. Ranald Mackenzie and Gen. William T. Sherman. The trials of Kiowa chiefs Big Tree and Satanta took place here in 1871. Imagine the buildings’ use as an American Indian school after 1878.

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Hike Pick: San Jacinto Battleground State Historic Site

Panorama of Life

Media and Participants Tour San Jacinto Marsh

The Marsh Boardwalk begins on the northeast side of the San Jacinto Monument at the San Jacinto Battleground State Historic Site. Follow its path and encounter a natural world in continual change.

A gentle stroll takes you through the heart of the marsh. Use the boardwalk and the observation platform along the way to see a great panorama of life. Salt tolerant plants and animals took over here when nearby construction brought in more seawater. Saltmeadow cordgrass is one of these. It survives by excreting excess salt, and its blades are dotted with milk white crystals.

Visit the park and make your next discovery!


Activities and Programs

Go Wild

Go Wild

Enjoy wildflowers, wildlife and wild fun at your Texas State Parks!

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