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Protecting Endangered Species

Endangered Species

Many state parks and wildlife management areas are home to endangered species. These areas protect a variety of plants and animals.

Why do we protect these species? An ecosystem is like a spider web. Plants, animals, water, air and nutrients are its threads. If one of the threads breaks, many other threads are weakened. Eventually, the entire web, or ecosystem, could collapse. We don't want that to happen!

Learn more at Federal and State Listed Species in Texas.

Park Pick: Penn Farm at Cedar Hill State Park

A Sense of Place

Penn Farm - windmill

Deep in the heart of Texas, an old farmstead defies time. Penn Farm sits nestled within the lush woodlands and prairies of Cedar Hill State Park southwest of Dallas.

It's quiet here. You can sense what John Anderson Penn must have felt when he decided to put down roots on this spot in the 1850s. It's a place strong enough to anchor a family for generations.

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Hike Pick: Lockhart State Park

Clear Fork Trail

Kid hiking in Lockhart State Park

Lockhart State Park has the perfect trail for a quick, easy hike: the Clear Fork Trail. You'll meander along the banks of Clear Fork Creek and enjoy the shade of the towering sycamores and bald cypress trees that flourish there. Listen for wild turkeys in the distance and red-bellied woodpeckers overhead. If you're very lucky, you might even spot a beaver or a turtle in the water.

At only a half a mile, it's not the longest trail, but you'll feel the stress fall away on this peaceful stroll.

If you're ready for more, you can also explore 2.5 miles of other trails!

Activities and Programs

Summer Fun

Summer Fun

Sun's out, fun's out! Swim, paddle and explore at a Texas State Park.

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