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Covered in Wildflowers


Bountiful rainfall and a mild winter mean beautiful spring wildflowers in Texas. Bring your camera and your wildflower books out to any state park to see what’s blooming!

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Park Pick: Mission Tejas State Park

Mission: Fishin'

Mission Tejas

I live with my family in a city, where encounters with nature are not spontaneous. Getting outdoors often requires parental planning and kids willing to set aside other activities. Lucky for us, state parks make that easier.

One of my favorites, Mission Tejas State Park, is just a 2.5-hour drive from both Houston and Dallas. It has an unusual landscape and rich history. Nestled in East Texas, the 660-acre park was set aside for outdoor fun and to commemorate an early Spanish mission in the area.

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Hike Pick: Honey Creek State Natural Area

Exploring a Pristine Creek

Honey Creek State Natural Area

Each Saturday morning at 9 a.m., explorers gather at the 100-year-old Rust House at Honey Creek State Natural Area. It’s time for a moderate, two-mile hike to learn about the park’s natural and cultural history. Guides share stories of early German immigrants who carved out a living beside the pristine creek.

Honey Creek and its corridor of towering bald cypress and sycamore trees harbor diverse plants and animals. Golden-cheeked warblers sing overhead. Tiny, rare salamanders hide among fallen leaves. Cool springs flow from limestone rocks.

You can only access this park on a guided tour. Join us to explore this special place!


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Go Wild

Enjoy wildflowers, wildlife and wild fun at your Texas State Parks!

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