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Happy Birthday, NPS!

National Park Service

The National Park Service celebrated its 100th birthday on Aug. 25. NPS protects places of extraordinary natural beauty and preserves the rich history of our country.

As part of the celebration, NPS asks Americans to “Find Your Park” – whether it be national, state or local.

If your park is one of our state parks, let us know via social media using the hashtags #FindYourPark and #TxStateParks.

Happy hunting, and happy birthday, NPS!

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Park Pick: Balmorhea State Park

A Park for all Seasons

Balmorhea State Park

You may know Balmorhea State Park as a summertime destination. Swimmers and other sun worshippers fill the park then. But autumn and winter can be magical as well, with smaller crowds and a few hidden surprises.

The “swimming pool” at Balmorhea State Park is actually an impoundment of natural spring water. The Civilian Conservation Corps built the pool between 1934 and 1936.

The water stays a constant 72 to 76 degrees year-round. Though always refreshing, it feels much warmer when the air temperature is lower. Thus, swimming during the cooler months can be surprisingly pleasant and “warm.” Just have plenty of towels ready to wrap up in when you emerge!

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Hike Pick: Lake Mineral Wells State Park

Red Waterfront Trail

Lake Mineral Wells State Park

Take a hike through an ancient Cross Timbers woodland on the Red Waterfront Trail at Lake Mineral Wells State Park. Along this .7-mile moderate trail, experience the untouched woodlands of North Texas. Native Americans and settlers who lived here 250 to 300 years ago walked these same woods.

The trail follows the eastern edge of beautiful Lake Mineral Wells to Penitentiary Hollow. Enter the hollow through a short cave-like crevice. There you’ll find steep, sheer sandstone walls creating a unique habitat for wildlife and a haven for rock climbers.

Ranger Roundup

Keep up with cool things happening in your state parks with our new Ranger Roundup web page. Each month we’ll post about new facilities, unique nature sightings, special visitors, and more.

Bookmark this webpage and check back for monthly updates!

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