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Texas State Parks Pass

With a park pass in your wallet, you are on your way to Texas-sized adventures!

Park passes let you visit more than 90 state parks for free or at reduced price. Any Texan can purchase a Texas State Parks Pass, good for one year. Seniors, veterans and those with disabilities may qualify for a Texas Parklands Passport.

Pick up a pass on your next visit to any state park!

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Park Pick: Lake Brownwood

Texas Rustic

Park Pick: Lake Brownwood

A serene peninsula on Lake Brownwood offers more than stunning sunsets. Lake Brownwood State Park is one of the most extensively developed Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) parks in Texas.

Far from being a historic museum, the park encourages visitors to enjoy the CCC's handiwork today. Stay overnight in a cozy cabin. Hike the trails past picnic sites that appear to grow out of the landscape. Walk down to the water's edge on the boat dock stairway and appreciate the craftsmanship of this grand feature.

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Hike Pick: Atlanta State Park

A Forest Hike

Atlanta State Park

In the far northeast corner of Texas, the trees are tall and the lake is serene. But don't take our word for it. See for yourself when you hike the Hickory Hollow Trail at Atlanta State Park.

The trail is a moderate .81-mile hike meandering through some of the most diverse terrain in the park. It crosses an area riddled with ridges, steep hills, leisurely bottomlands and great views of Lake Wright Patman. Majestic trees shade the trail; watch for wildlife as you hike.

Atlanta State Park has 4.8 miles of trails with varying lengths and habitats – explore them all if you've got time!

Outdoor Activity of the Month

Swimming in Texas State Parks

Swimming in Texas State Parks

Want to cool off in the water this summer? Go swimming in state parks! Visit pools, creeks, rivers, lakes and even the ocean.

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