Stop and Smell the Wildflowers


Wildflowers paint gaudy pictures across Texas in the spring. From the bluebonnets in Central Texas to dogwoods in the east, Engelmann daisies in the north and Mexican golden poppies in the west, you will see lovely flowers no matter where you are.

State parks are great places to enjoy this annual display. Life's better outside, especially in the springtime!

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Park Pick: Davis Mountains State Park

Avian Haven

Montezuma quail

Montezuma quail   

Birders have flocked to Davis Mountains State Park for decades. Many hope to glimpse the Montezuma quail, a secretive, local species that inhabits the grassy undergrowth in the park's woodlands. Others come to see brightly colored summer residents like the yellow-and-black Scott's oriole, the rosy-red summer tanager or the azure-hued blue grosbeak.

Still others come to hone their birding skills on the abundant earth-toned sparrows of fall and winter. No matter the skill or interest level, all birders - even non-birders - will enjoy the park's new bird blind.

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