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Oasis of the Kingfisher | 2001 Throwback

If you been around the water in Texas you may have seen a belted kingfisher diving for small fish. The odds are long that you would see the other two kinds of kingfishers found in North America in the exact same location. But in 2001 that's what happened to video producer Lee Smith at one of his favorite places in Texas.

Caddo Lake | 2000 Throwback

Gwen Zucker spent twelve years as a video producer for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. In 2000 she traveled to Caddo Lake to do a story on the people there, who gladly shared the beauty and tranquility of one of Texas’ greatest natural treasures.

Rescuing History | 1999 Throwback

Television news producer Karen Loke has worked at Texas Parks and Wildlife for 24 years. In 1998 she spent 10 days on the J.A. Ranch in the Texas Panhandle documenting the capture and relocation of the last of the Southern Plains Bison herd.

When Every Day is Earth Day | 1996 Throwback

Singer/songwriter John Stark makes his living by bringing an environmental message to city schools. His work is artistically rewarding, but financially challenging. In 1996 John was featured on the Texas Parks & Wildlife television show. This is part of our look back at the show’s thirty years on the air.

D Day +50 | 1994 Throwback

Producer Randall Maxwell worked on the Texas Parks & Wildlife television show from 1991-1996. With many of his family members having served in WWII, Randall set out to document the historic anniversary of D-Day at the Battleship Texas.

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