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Solar illumination perfect alignment at Mission Espíritu Santo, Goliad State Park

Watch this awe-inspiring solar illumination that happens only once a year at Mission Espiritu Santo in Goliad State Park. The 2017 illumination coincided with Easter Sunday. Brad Cooper performs Latin chant “O Feliet O Filiea” within the mission’s excellent acoustics. Learn more about Goliad State Park and Historic Site at

Texas Game Warden Search and Rescue Operations

The Texas Game Warden specialized Search and Rescue Team deploys for swiftwater rescues and land-based search and rescue missions. Learn more about Texas Game Wardens at

Saltcedar Treatment - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Texas Parks and Wildlife and a group of partners are working together to manage invasive saltcedar on the upper Brazos River in West Texas at no cost to landowner partners. In 2016, aerial herbicide treatment of 3,500 acres of saltcedar was used to help reduce the impacts of this destructive shrub in the watershed and the project will continue in summer 2017.

Preserving Riparian Zones

Flooding beats up native vegetation in riparian zones, leaving behind tangles of uprooted trees and shrubs. Landowners’ first instinct may be to clean up the mess, but is that the best action to take? Provided it’s not creating a safety risk, consider leaving fallen vegetation in the riparian zone after a flooding event. It's a critical component of a healthy, functioning riparian area. This is a Passport to Texas video:

Texas National Archery in Schools Program State Tournament 2017

Over 2000 students competed in the 2017 Texas National Archery in Schools Program Tournament for $30,000 in scholarship money. Learn more about archery and how to get a program started at your school at