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Chronic Wasting Disease TWIMS Response Team - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

When Chronic Wasting Disease made its way to Texas White-tailed Deer, the Texas Parks and Wildlife CWD Response TWIMS Reprogramming Team took action to save our natural resources. For more information about Chronic Wasting Disease, visit:

Win a Big Time Texas Hunt in 2016

Enter your chance to win 9 premium hunt packages on some of the finest private ranches and wildlife management areas in Texas. Proceeds from the Big Time Texas Hunts drawing support wildlife conservation, habitat management, and public hunting. To enter, go to

Underwater Search and Recovery Dive Team - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Highly trained, dedicated and compassionate, the Texas Game Warden Underwater Search and Recovery Dive Team finds evidence to solve cases and perform the necessary duty of recovering drowning victims. For more information about Texas Game Wardens, visit:

Leading Support Services: Steve Schroeter - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

While not always glamorous, the supporting services behind the scenes at Texas Parks and Wildlife rely on the leadership skills of Steve Schroeter. Policy and procedures to support conservation are Steve's passion. For more information about TPWD Support Services, visit:

A Lifetime of Conservation: Brent Ortego - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Having spent a lifetime with his eyes focused on conservation, Brent Ortego is now working to save our coastal native prairies. For more information about Texas Coastal Prairies, visit:

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