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Winter Birding Hot Spots in Texas

Birders in the know travel to South Texas in winter. The mecca there are three or four counties along the Rio Grande. Additional information: This is a Passport to Texas video:

Dr. Bobby Whiteside, Texas Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame 2017

Dr. Bobby Whiteside has devoted his life to leading efforts in education and research about Texas' aquatic resources and has given endless volunteer hours in that endeavor. He is a role model in the field of freshwater fishing in Texas.

Secret Snails of West Texas

You wouldn't expect to find snails in the arid mountains of west Texas, but some of the rarest species be found here, where localized precipitation supports hidden refuges. Some stay underground, waiting months--if not years--for rain to come. Submit your snail finds to iNaturalist at

Lake Dudes Episode 5: Brahmance

Texas lakes are all about fun — until they get infested with giant salvinia. Don't ruin the fun for everyone. Clean, drain and dry your boat, trailer and gear every time. Learn more at