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Texas Water Safari 2015, Texas Flood InSync - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

We're doing a story on the 2015 Texas Water Safari for our PBS show. It won't air until April of 2016, so stay tuned. This is the Texas Flood boat at Victoria. They are pretty much paddling in sync here. No wonder they won the race for the second time in a row. Covering the race was a lot of work and lots of hours, but it was a very cool thing to do. You gotta respect anyone who can paddle 260 miles. Wade Binion, Jeff Glock, Clay Wyatt, Ian Rolls, Gaston Jones & Andrew Condie are the Texas Flood team. After further review, the paddling team is horrified at their form. Come on, you've been paddling for 27 straight hours at this point, it's ok. I guess the 'thumbs down' this thing has gotten is from them.

Shooting Sports - Texas Parks and Wildlife Official

In High School, sports often get a lot of attention. But there is an up and coming sport that suits all students no matter gender, age, or physical ability. Shooting sports from archery to shotgun clay pigeons have shown to boost student confidence and for some can be quite lucrative.

Save Our Sharks

Worldwide, sharks have been depleted by overfishing. Between 30 and 70 million sharks are killed by humans every year. One of the things that has contributed to a decline in sharks is shark finning: fishermen actually catch the sharks, cut their fins off, and discard the body. TPWD TV video, Save our Sharks: This is a Passport to Texas video: More Passport videos:

This is Texas Parks and Wildlife - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Whether you're a hiker, a hunter or a sunset watcher, chances are you've spent some time with us. Here's why Life is Better Outside. Join us in exploring the great outdoors at

This is what it's like to sand surf west Texas - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Sun and sand are not just found at the beach. Visit Monahans Sandhills State Park near Odessa and surf the sand dunes for some family fun. For more information:

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