Section 6 Grants: Miscellaneous

Grant #Project Title
E-1 Job 1Endangered plant education | PDF
E-1 Job 27Candidate species monitoring | PDF
E-1 Job 48Endangered species education | PDF
E-1 Job 61Endangered species technical guidance | PDF
E-1 Job 73Endangered species information and education II | PDF
E-1 Job 76Expanded capacity for rare resource education and outreach | PDF
E-1 Job 80Community-based conservation strategies for rural Hill Country residents | PDF
E-1 WER59Rare Texas wildlife CD ROM | PDF
E-1 WER63Educational exhibits and support components at Aquarena Center, San Marcos, Texas, for the conservation of the San Marcos Springs endangered and threatened species, Gambusia georgei, Etheostoma fonticola, Eurycea nana, Zizania texana, and Eurycea rathbuni | PDF
E-9Implementation of candidate monitoring OR a citizen-based monitoring program for species of concern in Texas | PDF
E-35Section 6 grant administration | PDF

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