Redbud Loop

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Regency Suspension Bridge
HOTE 012

From US 183 and FM 574 in Goldthwaite, go 11.1 miles west on FM 574/Hannah Valley Rd. Turn left on CR 432 and go 7.9 miles curving south on CR 433 to reach the bridge.

The historic Regency Suspension Bridge, built in 1939, spans the Colorado River and connects Mills County and San Saba County. This was one of the last suspension bridges erected in Texas. The mixed riparian woodland bottom includes oak, hackberry and pecan trees, surrounded by a mesquite-oak savanna on the upper bank. Along the river, listen for the songs of nesting Yellow-billed Cuckoo, Painted Bunting, White-eyed Vireo, Summer Tanager and Bewick's Wren. In the winter, look for ducks and shorebirds. Checkered White, Question Mark and Pipevine Swallowtails are easily spotted in the grasslands and along the river's edge.

Latitude: 31.4105
Longitude: -98.8466

Pigfoot Ranch
HOTE 014

Habitats on this 2,200-acre working ranch include mesquite savanna, oak mottes and creek-side riparian woodlands. Natural springs flow into a creek that meanders through much of the ranch. Along the creek bottoms, look for nesting White-eyed Vireo and Summer Tanager. The grasslands provide nesting habitat for Northern Bobwhite, Dickcissel and Eastern Meadowlark. Greater Roadrunner and Wild Turkey are here year-round. Indian paintbrush, Texas bluebonnet, Mexican hat, gaillardia and monarda bloom in spring and butterflies such as Variegated Fritillary, Giant Swallowtail and Dainty Sulphur abound. White-tailed Deer are abundant.

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Latitude: 31.4800
Longitude: -98.4199

Long Hollow Ranch
HOTE 015

Much of this 660-acre working cattle ranch resides atop a bluff overlooking the elm thickets and sycamore bottoms of Bennett Creek and Long Hollow Branch. Between these riparian woodlands lie grasslands and savannas that are covered with wildflowers in the spring and fall. Wild Turkey and White-tailed Deer are widespread, as well as Northern Bobwhite and Greater Roadrunner. Be sure to look for Ringtail, Common Gray Fox, coyote, bobcat and Nine-banded Armadillo. Bird life is diverse, particularly during spring and fall migration. Scissor-tailed and Vermilion Flycatchers, Eastern and Western Kingbirds, Summer Tanager, Blue Grosbeak, Eastern Bluebird, Cedar Waxwing and Painted Bunting are common summer residents. In the winter, look for ducks and shorebirds along the creek and in the ponds. Mountain Bluebird can be seen in late January and early February.

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Latitude: 31.3438
Longitude: -98.2224

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