Stone Bluffs Loop

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Barefoot Camp and RV Park
HOTE 017

From Lampasas, head west on FM 580 for 23 miles, across the Colorado River, to stop sign at CR 442. Turn left and follow the signs 0.8 mile to park entrance. Turn right on CR 444 to the office.

The 3 miles of river frontage are unimproved and provide spectacular views of the bluffs on the opposing side of the river. Oak and hardwood thickets along the riverbanks provide excellent habitat for a variety of passerines including White-eyed Vireo, Prothonotary Warbler and Summer Tanager. Waterfowl winter on the river, egrets and herons are easily seen fishing in the shallows and the bluffs provide habitat for Canyon Wren.

(325) 628-3395

Latitude: 31.1026
Longitude: -98.4846

Sulphur Springs Camp
HOTE 018

In Lampasas, take FM 580 west 24 miles to Bend. In Bend you will come to a T-intersection where you will take a left. Follow the signs along the main road to Sulphur Springs Camp.

This full-service camp provides RV hookups, cabins and primitive campsites along 3 miles of Colorado River frontage. The habitat is excellent for a variety of birds that include Belted Kingfisher, Nashville Warbler, Canyon Wren, egrets and herons. The road that follows the river makes a memorable nature hike. Look for swallow nests attached to the cliff faces. The most dominant feature of the campground is the natural sulphur spring that comes out of a rock face and maintains a constant temperature of 68 degrees.

(325) 628-3252

Latitude: 31.0801
Longitude: -98.4633

Colorado Bend State Park
HOTE 019

In Lampasas, take FM 580 west 24 miles to Bend and follow the signs 4 miles to the park entrance.

This 5,300-acre state park offers the outdoor enthusiast access to primitive camping, hiking, backpacking, fishing, swimming, mountain biking, birding, wildlife viewing and guided tours. The park has over 30 miles of hiking and mountain biking trails. When Lake Buchanan is near normal levels, the river is navigable from the park's boat ramp all the way to the lake, approximately 10 miles. The park also offers guided tours to Gorman Falls and guided cave tours, both walking and crawling. Birders can enjoy viewing some of 155 species of birds found in the park, including specialties such as Golden-cheeked Warbler, Black-capped Vireo and Bald Eagle. Gorman Falls is an impressive, 60-ft.-high waterfall. The waterfall's travertine formations and associated lush vegetation make it one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Texas. Small travertine dams have formed quiet pools of clear water which support a variety of aquatic communities.

(325) 628-3240

Latitude: 31.0396
Longitude: -98.4814

Canyon of the Eagles
HOTE 020

At US 281 and TX 29 West in Burnet, drive west 3.3 miles to FM 2341. Go north on FM 2341 for 15.1 miles to the entrance.

This pet-friendly, 940-acre nature resort and LCRA park sits on the edge of Lake Buchanan, providing extensive trails, beautiful Hill Country vistas, a variety of lodging options, several activities and guided programs and a restaurant on-site. Dense oak-juniper woodlands and open shrub communities support Black-capped Vireo, Golden-cheeked Warbler, Osprey, deer, raccoon, Ringtail and fox. Bald Eagles winter on Lake Buchanan. Banquet and meeting facilities are available for corporate or social events. Activities include scheduled natural history programs, movies _Under the Stars,' astronomy at the Eagle Eye Observatory, nature walks and live music.

(800) 977-0081

Latitude: 30.8831
Longitude: -98.4312

Inks Lake State Park
HOTE 021

Return to TX 29 West, turn right/west and go 5.7 miles to PR 4. Go south 3.2 miles to signed entrance. Visitors must stop at headquarters to get a permit and access code.

This 1,200-acre state park provides excellent lakeshore, grassland and woodland habitat. The park is a panorama of juniper and oak woodlands, wildflowers and gneiss outcroppings. White-tailed Deer, Wild Turkey, songbirds and other wildlife are abundant in the park. A bird blind is in place that boasts a water feature and feeders which attract numerous bird species at any given time. Golden-fronted and Ladder-backed Woodpeckers are common residents, and 12 species of sparrow have been seen at the park. Guided wildlife watching canoe trips and nearly 8 miles of hiking and backpacking trails add to the wide range of available activities, which include swimming, fishing and canoe/paddleboat rental. Camping (tent and RV) and cabins are available. The bird blind has limited access from December 1st – late January due to public hunts.

(512) 793-2223

Latitude: 30.7392
Longitude: -98.3708

Longhorn Cavern State Park
HOTE 022

From TX 29 and PR 4, go south on PR 4 9.5 miles to the signed entrance.

The dominant feature of the park is Longhorn Cavern, which was bored out of the limestone by the powerful water flows of millennia. The downward drainage continued until great underground stream beds were cut out of solid rock. The cave has been used by man since prehistoric times. Regularly scheduled walking tours and special crawling tours of the cave are available. The park includes 2 miles of hiking trails through juniper-oak woodland that provides nesting habitat for Golden-cheeked Warbler. A small population of Tri-colored Bats inhabit the cave. The park structures were built by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930s.

(877) 441-CAVE/(830) 598-CAVE

Latitude: 30.6965
Longitude: -98.3599

Verandas Guest House
HOTE 023

From TX 29 and US 281 in Burnet, head south on US 281/Water St. 0.2 mile to League St. The guest house is located at 108 East League.

This B&B in Burnet, _The Bluebonnet Capital,' has a wonderful flower garden and pond that include butterfly bush, antique roses, rosemary, cardinal flower, wisteria, esperanza, Turk's cap, trumpet vine, cenizo, desert willow, verbena, lantana, salvia and bluebonnets. The garden attracts Monarchs and other butterflies from spring through fall, and the pond is a favorite watering spot for a variety of bird species year-round. Visits may be arranged by appointment or reservation.

(512) 588-0088

Latitude: 30.7559
Longitude: -98.2266

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