Instructions to Applicant


The following Knowledge, Skills and Abilities will be used in selecting cadets from the list of applicants meeting minimum qualifications: 
  • Skill in communicating effectively, both verbally and in writing; 
  • Skill in using appropriate interpersonal skills; 
  • Skill in making decisions and using discretion appropriately; 
  • Ability to work independently; 
  • Ability to conduct affairs with integrity; 
  • Ability to patrol land and public water for hunting, sport and commercial fishing, boating, water safety, and other natural resource conservation violations; 
  • Ability to take enforcement action when law violations are observed, reported, or suspected; 
  • Ability to enforce the statutes and laws of the Texas Penal Code and other relevant state statutes; 
  • Ability to secure, search, and process crime scenes for evidence and contraband; 
  • Ability to assist local, county, state, and federal law enforcement agencies; 
  • Ability to provide assistance and respond to calls from the public; 
  • Ability to work with local landowners, sports groups, and other constituents; 
  • Ability to prepare and submit investigative reports, arrest and case reports, citations, dispositions, warrants, and other records related to enforcement activities, programs and operations; 
  • Ability to testify in court, administrative hearings, and other official proceedings. 
WARNING: All information provided by the applicant will be verified during the background investigation. Any incorrect, false or misleading information provided may result in immediate disqualification from consideration for employment as a Game Warden Cadet.


Recruitment of Game Warden Cadets will occur on an ongoing basis. The testing and selection of Game Warden Cadets will occur as needed. The appointment of Game Warden Cadets will occur when there are vacancies in the field and when a Game Warden Academy class has been scheduled. Appointments will be made from an eligibility list maintained by TPWD. Eligibility lists will remain in effect until the selection process is complete. Being on an eligibility list is not a guarantee or promise of employment.

An applicant desiring an accommodation for a disability in any selection procedure (e.g. tests, interviews, physical readiness test, etc.) must notify the Game Warden Training Center in writing of their request at least 5 working days prior to the activity for which the request is made.

Qualified applicants will be required to perform a physical readiness test. Applicants that successfully complete the physical readiness test will move forward to interviews. Interviews will be conducted by an interview board at a location to be determined. Applicants will be required to travel and attend this interview at the applicant's expense. The board will recommend names of successful applicants to be placed on an eligibility list.

Applicants on an eligibility list will be subject to a comprehensive and in-depth background investigation. Applicants who advance to this phase will be required to furnish the background investigator with official college transcripts, DD214 (page 4) if applicable, a copy of a valid Drivers License, and verification of US citizenship. Only applicants who successfully pass the background investigation and physical readiness testing will be considered for hire.

Applicants considered for employment as a Game Warden Cadet will be required to pass a physical and psychological evaluation as a condition of employment. These evaluations will be conducted in Austin and may require 3 separate trips, at the applicant's expense. Follow-up evaluations, if necessary, may require additional travel to Austin, also at the applicant's expense. The Executive Director of Texas Parks and Wildlife reserves the right to approve or disapprove recommended appointments to cadet positions.

Each Game Warden Cadet must successfully complete the Game Warden Training Academy, conducted by this department. The academy is approximately 30 weeks in length and includes courses in fish, wildlife and natural resource management; physical training; first aid; water rescue; boat operations; defensive tactics; use of firearms; driver training; civil defense training; homeland security; law enforcement curriculum and tactics. Cadets will also receive instruction pertaining to all department and division administrative policies and procedures. During training, cadets will be required to reside at the Game Warden Training Center near Hamilton.

After successfully completing the training curriculum, and passing the required state peace officer licensing exam, cadets will be commissioned by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department as a State Game Warden, be promoted to the position of Probationary Game Warden, and receive their field assignments (which can be anywhere in the State of Texas as job vacancies exists). Moving expenses to the assigned duty station will be the responsibility of the employee.

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