Water Safety Violations

A. Equipment
Citation CodeDescriptionCitation Reference
100 Fail to wear PFD on PWC PWC 31.106
101 Lanyard or cut-off switch on PWC not attached to operator PWC 31.106
102 No flame arrestor or backfire trap PWC 31.068
103 Insufficient number of PFDs Citation PWC 31.066/31.073
104 PFD not readily accessible PWC 31.066/31.073
105 Child not wearing PFD on Class A or Class 1 motorboat PWC 31.066
106 Improper lights on vessel PWC 31.064/31.073
107 No/improper mirror or no observer 13 YOA or older PWC 31.071
108 No whistle or other sound-producing device PWC 31.065
109 No/improper fire extinguisher PWC 31.067
110 Fire extinguisher not readily accessible/serviceable PWC 31.067
111 Improper ventilation equipment PWC 31.069
112 No exhaust water manifold/muffler PWC 31.070
113 Give permission to operate w/o required equipment PWC 31.062
114 No type 4 PFD PWC 31.066
115 Permit person under 13 YOA onboard a sailboat or paddlecraft without wearing a PFD PWC 31.066
116 Improper type/size of PFD PWC 31.066/31.073
199 Any other water safety equipment violation Applicable cite


B. Operational
Citation CodeDescriptionCitation Reference
200 Operate PWC within a prohibited area PWC 31.106
201 Operate PWC between sunset & sunrise PWC 31.106
202 Boating while intoxicated (BWI) PC 49.06
203 BWI-Intoxication Assault PC 49.07
204 BWI-Intoxication Manslaughter PC 49.08
205 Reckless operation & excessive speed PWC 31.096
206 Operate vessel in restricted area PWC 31.102
207 Violate US Coast Guard Inland Rules PWC 31.093
208 Reckless or negligent operation PWC 31.094
209 Excessive speed PWC 31.095
210 Tow from ½ hr. after sunset to ½ hr. before sunrise PWC 31.103
211 Fail to tow skier in careful or prudent manner PWC 31.103
212 Interfere with markers/aids to navigation/boat ramp PWC 31.100
213 Hazardous wake or wash PWC 31.098
214 Obstruct passage in traveled portion of river/channel/boat ramp PWC 31.101
215 Circular course around indivdual engaged in a water activity PWC 31.099
216 Swim or dive within 200 yards of excursion boat PWC 31.099
217 PWC operated within 50 ft. in excess of headway speed PWC 31.106
218 PWC operator under 13 years of age not accompanied by person 18 yrs of age who is lawfull to operate PWC 31.106
219 Towing (ski, etc.) with a PWC designed to carry less than 2 persons PWC 31.106
220 PWC jumping a wake recklessly or too close to another vessel PWC 31.106
221 PWC-operator swerve at last moment to avoid collision PWC 31.106
222 Operate vessel within diver down flag area PWC 31.1021
223 Fail to reduce power for Police Water Safety Vessel PWC 31.123
224 Boating under influence (Minor) TABC 106.041
225 Watercraft over 15 hp operator under 13 years of age not accompanied by person 18 years of age who is lawfull to operate PWC 31.107
226 Evading arrest or detention on a watercraft (State Jail Felony) PC 38.04
227 Aid/Encourage operation in violation of PWC 31.106's 31.07 PWC 31.106/31.107
299 Any other operational water safety violation Applicable cite


C. Registration/Titling
Citation CodeDescriptionCitation Reference
300 Unregistered vessel PWC 31.021
301 Fail to have certificate of number on board PWC 31.028
302 Fail to show certificate of number to officer PWC 31.124
303 Fail to properly display valid registration number/validation decal PWC 31.032
304 Operate/give permission to operate vessel with invalid registration number PWC 31.021
305 Unauthorized number displayed on side of the bow PWC 31.033
306 Manufacturer or dealer - fail to apply for purchaser within 20 days after sale PWC 31.046
307 Deface/alter certificate of number or number on bow of a vessel PWC 31.033
308 Fail to notify of change in ownership within reasonable time PWC 31.037
309 Fail to notify of address change within reasonable time PWC 31.038
310 Possess vessel or motor with HIN or serial number destroyed, removed, altered, defaced PWC 31.043
311 Destroy, remove, alter, deface HIN or O/B motor serial number PWC 31.043
312 No Marine License (Dealer, Distributor, Manufacturer) PWC 31.041
313 Marine License Use Violation PWC 31.041
314 Any Other Marine License Violation Applicable cite
315 Marine Licensee: No numbers displayed on vessel PWC 31.041 TAC 53.112(c)(1)
316 Marine Licensee: No validation decals PWC 31.041 TAC 53.112(c)(2)
317 Marine Licensee: No validation card PWC 31.041 TAC 53.112(c)(3)
318 Marine Licensee: Exceed vessel use limitations PWC 31.041 TAC 53.112(c)(4)
319 Marine Licensee: Daily log violation TAC 53.112(f)
320 Marine Licensee: Show, Demonstrate, Test w/o valid marine license TAC 53.112(g)
321 Marine Licensee: Legitimate business activities use violation TAC 53.112(h)
322 Display of a registration decal that is altered, fraudulant, or issued under the certificate of number of another vessel PWC 31.033
323 Sale of a vessel or motor with HIN or serial number destroyed, removed, altered or defaced (Class A Misdemeanor) PWC 31.043(c-1)
399 Any other titling/registration violation Applicable cite


D. Boat Livery
Citation CodeDescriptionCitation Reference
400 Operate or give permission to operate vessel w/o required equipment PWC 31.062
401 Give permission to operate vessel w/o proper registration or w/o proper display of numbers PWC 31.021
402 Fail to obtain certificate of number for rented vessel PWC 31.040
403 Fail to keep rental records for 6 months PWC 31.040/31.111
404 Operate vessel livery w/o liability insurance PWC 31.111
405 Rent vessel w/o providing required instruction to operator PWC 31.111
406 Fail to require operator signature on instruction acknowledgement form PWC 31.111
407 Party Boat: No Operator's License PWC 31.173
408 Party Boat: Owner fail to provide required staff PWC 31.173(a)
409 Party Boat: Exceed number of passengers PWC 31.174
410 Party Boat: Operate w/o adequate land communication PWC 31.174
411 Party Boat: No annual inspection PWC 31.174
412 Party Boat: Fail to provide passengers wtih safety information PWC 31.174
413 Party Boat: Liability insurance violation PWC 31.174
414 Party Boat: Staff drug or alcohol test refusal/violation PWC 31.178
498 Party Boat: Any other violation Applicable cite
499 Any other boat livery violation Applicable cite


E. Boat Accident
Citation CodeDescriptionCitation Reference
500 Fail to render aid to affected persons PWC 31.104
501 Fail to exchange required information PWC 31.104
502 Failure to report to the department a boat accident within 30 days PWC 31.105


F. Boater Education
Citation CodeDescriptionCitation Reference
600 Violate Boater Education requirements PWC 31.109
601 Fail to complete Boater Education Course within 90 days PWC 31.131


G. Miscellaneous
Citation CodeDescriptionCitation Reference
700 Refuse to obey directions of an enforcement officer PWC 31.124
701 Failure to appear: water safety violation PWC 31.125
702 Fail to comply with TCEQ regulation on sewage disposal for boats. PWC 31.129
703 Violate local regulation/ordinance adopted under PWC 31.092 PWC 31.092
704 Motorboat sales tax violation Tax Code 160
705 Fail to display/expired TECQ Clean Water Decal PWC 31.129
799 Any other water safety violations Applicable cite
H. Floating Cabins
Citation CodeDescriptionCitation Reference
800 Own/Maintain/Use without Permit PWC 32.051
801 Falsify Application PWC 32.053(b)
802 Fail to Display / Permit PWC 32.056
803 Improperly Marked Cabin PWC 32.101
804 Fail to Exhibit White Light PWC 32.101
805 Exceed Permitted Size PWC 32.104
806 Violate Marine Sanitation Device Requirements PWC 32.105
807 Unlawful Discharge Human Waste PWC 32.106
808 Locate Cabin in Prohibited Area PWC 32.107
809 Obstruct Navigation PWC 32.108
810 Damage Oyster Reef, Serpulid Reef or Seagrass Beds PWC 32.108
811 Rest on Bottom/Shoreline at High Tide PWC 32.108
812 Fail to Remove Cabin After Notice PWC 32.154

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