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Panhandle Plains Wildlife Trail (PHP)

Regional map showing location of the Panhanlde Plains region of Northwest Texas. Select this map to view further detail.

This map guides you through 97 Texas Panhandle sites with information on private and public lands open to visitors.

The Texas Panhandle's best outdoor wildlife viewing areas are now easy for you to find with the Panhandle Plains Wildlife Viewing Trails map. This map not only steers you to great locales to see the birds and other animals of the Panhandle, it also shows you the best places to experience the wide open spaces of West Texas. Take in the unique wildlife and scenery of the Panhandle, at a glimpse or as an in-depth visit, depending on your schedule.

  • Visit private ranches on exclusive tours to see the booming grounds of the Lesser Prairie-chicken. While you are out there, keep an eye out for Coyote, Pronghorn Antelope, Sandhill Cranes and more.
  • Enjoy scenic views of the famous Playa Lakes and take that opportunity to spot migratory waterfowl and shorebirds throughout the vast Panhandle Plains. Truly get away from it all at one of these wonderful lakes and extend your stay at a State Park or one of the many private ranches that offer camping.
  • Embark on the Texas Plains discovery you've been dreaming of.

    Stop and gaze at one of the many Black-tailed Prairie Dog towns in the Panhandle. While watching these amusing animals scurry about from mound to mound, stay on the lookout for Burrowing Owls and other raptors in the area. A Texas Horned Lizard is yet another fascinating animal that might be found on your visit to one of these sites.
  • For an amazing view, the winding country roads and even main highways offer a landscape of the canyons, mesas and river corridors found in the Panhandle. Take your time, explore the region, and visit some of the most dramatic scenery in all of Texas.

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