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Panhandle Plains Wildlife Trail (PHP)

The map below highlights the different driving loops for the Panhandle Plains Wildlife Trail. By selecting a loop (clicking on either the colored loop itself or the name of the loop in the list to the right), you can view an enlarged version of the area and more clearly see all sites within that regional loop.

Once you select a loop, information about each site on the loop is listed, including detailed instructions on how to reach each site, examples of wildlife that can be seen, and contacts for additional information. To aid travelers along the trail, each site is marked with a brown sign illustrated with the familiar Lesser Prairie Chicken logo which can be seen at the top of this web page, along with a unique site number that corresponds to the map. Just look for the logo on directional signs when driving along the trail to confirm your route and location.

Now you can plan all of your Texas wildlife trips online by printing sections of the map for the region you are visiting. Enjoy the maps and have a great wildlife watching adventure!

Please Note: Shaded areas in the map below link to larger maps with site information.

Panhandle Plains RoadmapRita Blanca loopCanadian Breaks loopMiami loopSalt Fork loopCanyon loopComanche loopLlano Estacado loopMuleshoe loopColorado Headwaters loopCaliche loopBig Country loopPrairie loopNorth Fork loop

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