Get Healthy

Your state parks offer a variety of safe, healthy choices. There is no wrong way to start the year on the right foot!

Walk This Way


Walkers of all ages and abilities can get out on the trails, and Texas has at top-notch system. These are some of the best places for first-timers and experienced visitors to enjoy America's most popular outdoor activity.

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Bike Where You Like


Riders of every speed, style and social group can pedal across parks. You don't have to be an expert, and you don't have to go far from home. Choose the routes, surfaces and distances that fit your comfort zone.

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Climb to New Heights


This is your chance to enjoy a view from the top.  Climbing helps the upper and lower body, but safety and technique are more important than strength. Try it before it gets too hot!

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Start Them Early: Junior Rangers


Kids and parents can check out explorer backpacks for free from participating parks! Try the binoculars, magnifying glass, sketchbooks and guides. Spot new plants and animals, and track what you find. Did you know research shows that kids who play outside in nature are healthier, happier and smarter?

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Travel Through Time: Texas Buffalo Soldiers


Step into the life stories of those who bravely served in America's first African-American regular army. Track an animal, fish with a cane pole, cook over a campfire, visit frontier forts, join the Iron Riders and more.

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Help Your Community: Park Ambassadors


Would you like to encourage people to explore the outdoors, and share why parks matter to you? State Park Ambassadors form new friendships and connect communities to state parks while supporting health and stewardship.  

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