Concessions are a significant element in the Texas State Park System. Today, state park concessions offer increased economic benefit in many smaller communities, while generating revenues to help reduce the cost of operating Texas State Parks . Typical concessions are marinas, recreational equipment rentals, food service operations, equestrian facilities, park stores, and other accommodations. A concession may be as simple as vending machines or as complex as a resort development at Ray Roberts Lake or a golf course at Bastrop State Park. The purpose of offering a concession program is to seek public/private partnerships and assistance, where appropriate, and to provide quality services, programs, and facilities that enhance the enjoyment and provide convenience and recreational experiences for state park visitors.

Our goals are:

  1. Developing and maintaining concession facilities and services that contribute to high quality experiences for park visitors
  2. Seeking new opportunities to improve and provide services, programs, and facilities to park visitors through concessions

Park visitor services and accommodations in the following categories may be operated by a concessionaire under contractual arrangements:

Current Concession Opportunities

How to be a Concessionaire.

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