Additional Information

Rules for Conduct of Public at Meetings of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission

An individual wishing to speak before the Texas Park and Wildlife Commission must first fill out and sign a speaker registration form for each item on the agenda to which you wish to speak.

Each person will be allowed to speak, one at a time, from the podium when recognized by the chairman.

Speaking time may be limited either due to an unusually large number of persons wishing to speak, a long agenda, or for any other reason deemed necessary by the chairman. In this event, the chairman will announce the time limitation and the vice-chairman will announce when your time has expired. When your time is up please resume your seat so that others may speak. If the commissioners ask a question or discuss something among themselves that time will not be counted.

Any written documents you have for the commission should be given to department staff at the table immediately in front of the commission.

The chairman is in charge of the meeting and will direct the order of the meeting and recognize people to be heard. When your name is called, please come to the podium and state your name and who you represent, if anyone other than yourself.

Please limit your remarks to the specific agenda item for which you signed up. In the case of the annual public hearing you may speak on any item within the jurisdiction of the commission.

Profanity, heckling, threatening or abusive language, shouting, or any other disruptive or offensive behavior will be grounds for immediate ejection from the meeting, and possible arrest and criminal prosecution.