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Student Internship Program

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

Program Objective

To introduce interested college students, particularly women and minorities, to career opportunities in positions located statewide and job settings in which to gain practical experience and training in natural and cultural resource fields.

Program Information

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department's (TPWD) Intern Program is for college students. Both paid and unpaid positions may be offered; paid positions depend on available funding. Available positions and locations will be listed on TPWD "Current Postings" web page. While many of our Internships are for the Summer, there may be some during the Fall and/or the Spring.

The Program is very competitive for all positions (paid and unpaid). TPWD now uses an on-line application process for Interns.

Note: Lack of any of the required documents makes your application incomplete and it will not be considered. Resumes are not accepted in lieu of required documents.

Student Internship Program Salary Information

Note: If selected for a paid Summer opportunity, Intern rate of pay is from student classification at end of Fall semester. The reason for this is Summer Interns' hire paperwork is completed before the Spring semester ends.

College Student Classification Hourly Rate of Pay Salary Group Functional Title State Classification
Freshman/Sophomore/Junior $10.42356 A7 Intern I Clerk II
Senior $11.43317 A9 Intern II Clerk III
Graduate Student $12.65962 A11 Intern III Clerk IV

Application Requirements

How to Apply

Please note that in applying for TPWD positions, decisions are made based on your completed on-line TPWD/State of Texas application and *not* based on your resume. So, to maximize your chances of being selected for an interview with us:

Experience is important. To gain experience, you may want to consider volunteering with TPWD; applying for Seasonal Positions and/or check our jobs website for temporary/part-time positions:

Have Questions?

Via e-mail:

Via phone: Joe Beach (512) 389-4485


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