Lifetime License Drawing

The 2016 Lifetime License Drawing has ended and entries are no longer for sale. Thanks to all who entered!

All proceeds from the Lifetime License Drawing fees go directly to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department for on-the-ground conservation efforts that help make Texas one of the best places in the country to hunt and fish.

Lifetime License Drawing winners receive a Lifetime Super Combo License (an $1,800 value) and a 1-year subscription to Texas Parks & Wildlife magazine.

2016 Official Rules

Click here for more information on Lifetime Licenses.

Past Lucky Winners
December 1, 2016Ernest E. Brown
November 1, 2016Stanley B Ross, II
October 3, 2016Joanne Stirt
June 30, 2016Matthew G. Combs
December 30, 2015Frederick Underwood
June 30, 2015Anthony Smecca
December 30, 2014John G. Wick
June 30, 2014Joshua Kulhanek
December 30, 2013Hymen Wallace
June 30, 2013Jamie Watts
December 30, 2012Wilson J. Spreier
June 30, 2012Jeffrey Gall
December 30, 2011Luther T. Plant
June 30, 2011Willis M. Thorstad
December 30, 2010Roy T. Brockway
June 30, 2010Daniel Hidalgo
December 30, 2009William Vlasek