Deer Management Permits

NOTICE: Summary of TPWD Interim Deer Management Permits (DMP) Regulation Changes Related to CWD

Emergency interim rules effective October 5, 2015

  1. If deer originates from a TC3 facility, the DMP release site becomes a Class III Release Site.
  2. If deer originates from a TC2 facility, the DMP release site becomes a Class II Release Site.
  3. If a deer originates from a Tier 1 facility, the DMP release site becomes Class III Release Site.
  4. Release site requirements resulting from DMP go into effect the next hunting season.
  5. If a breeder buck returns to a breeding facility (i.e., not released) from a DMP facility of lower status, the breeding facility automatically assumes the numeric status of the DMP facility. For example, if a breeder deer is transferred to a TC 2 breeding facility from a Level 3 DMP facility, the breeding facility becomes a TC 3 breeding facility.
  6. Any breeder deer going to a DMP facility associated with a Class III release site must be tagged with an RFID or NUES tag.

If there is a conflict between these emergency interim rules and other information on the TPWD website or TWIMS pertaining to DMP regulations, then these emergency interim rules prevail.

For additional information on DMP program requirements, please call (512) 389-8212.

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