Deer Management Permits

NOTICE: Summary of DMP Rules Related to CWD

Rules effective August 15, 2016

  • DMP facilities remain Level 1 if they do not receive breeder deer, or if they only receive breeder deer from TC 1 breeding facilities.
  • DMP facilities remain Level 1 if they receive deer only from Class I release sites.
  • A DMP facility will downgrade to Class II if it receives breeder deer from a TC2 breeding facility.
  • A DMP facility will downgrade to Class II if it receives deer from a Class II release site.
  • If a TC 1 buck comingles with Class II deer in a DMP facility and returns to a breeding facility, that breeding facility downgrades to TC 2.
  • If a DMP facility becomes Class II, the associated release site will become Class II, upon the release of deer, and must fulfill the Class II release site testing requirements in the following hunting season.
    • Class II release sites must submit "not-detected" CWD test results for the first 15 deer harvested.
    • Class II release sites are required to submit an annual harvest log in TWIMS, prior to April 1.
    • Class II CWD testing requirements will cease on March 1, 2019, if the Class II site has submitted all required test results.
    • Class II release sites that have not fulfilled the CWD testing requirements prior to March 1, 2019, will continue to have testing requirements beyond 2019, until all required test results have been submitted.
  • DMP facilities are not authorized to receive deer from TC 3 breeding facilities, Class III release sites, or a deer breeding facility that is not in compliance.
For additional information on DMP program requirements, please call (512) 389-8212.