General Information about the Landowner Assisted Management Permitting System (LAMPS)

What is LAMPS?
LAMPS is an automated antlerless deer permit issuance program adopted by Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) for the Pineywoods and Post Oak ecological regions. LAMPS permits allow antlerless deer to be taken in an otherwise buck-only season.
Who is eligible?
Any landowner (or eligible person with permission from the legal landowner) may apply for the LAMPS program participation on properties in counties where LAMPS permits are available. The property must meet minimum acreage and habitat requirements. Meeting the minimum requirements make you eligible to apply, but does not guarantee permits.

There is an application screening form and procedure, which will be available in May for the following season.

If the property is smaller than the minimum acreage requirement, adjoining properties can be enrolled together to meet the requirement. Separate non-adjacent parcels of land must have separate applications. If the property occurs within two or more counties, the county in which the majority of property occurs will be used for determining requirements.
Is LAMPS for you?
By applying for LAMPS permits, you are indicating a willingness to harvest antlerless deer.
TPWD biologists evaluate county data to determine which counties can biologically sustain more hunting opportunity. It is still up to landowners and hunters to ensure proper harvest levels on individual properties.
If your goal is to improve the quality of deer on your property, and maximize deer harvest, basic range and forest management practices must also be implemented. TPW biologist are trained in wildlife habitat management and are available to assist you in designing management practices that will improve the quality of your wildlife habitat and deer herd.
What will be expected of you?
  1. Complete a LAMPS Permit Application providing accurate information on the estimated amount and types of habitat on the property.
  2. Sign a statement acknowledging your awareness of penalties associated with falsified information.
  3. Report information annually on the number of deer hunters on the property and any deer seen/harvested.
  1. September 1st to guarantee a response before the first day of hunting season
  2. October 1st for counties with "doe days" beginning opening day of General Season or
  3. 3rd Friday in October for counties with "doe days" beginning Thanksgiving Day.
Harvest Data:
February 15th to receive LAMPS renewal notice the following season.
How many permits can you get?
The number of LAMPS permits issued are calculated based on acreage and habitat types, as well as deer density information from the county. We do not have the flexibility to alter issuance rates on individual properties. Permit issuance may increase or decrease with a change in habitat or county-wide harvest rate. Generally speaking, properties with better quality habitat will receive a greater number of permits.
How long does it take to receive permits?
It can take up to 6 weeks to process your application. We begin mailing permits on October 1st. Applications received after October 1st are not guaranteed a response during the hunting season.
What are "doe days"?
TPW has designated days in certain counties during which antlerless deer may be legally harvested without antlerless deer permits. These are commonly called "doe days"?
If LAMPS permits are issued for a property, ALL antlerless deer taken on that property during the General Season, including doe days, must have LAMPS permits attached.
If you are accepted into LAMPS but qualify for "0" permits, you may use doe days.

For more information, consult the current TPWD Outdoor Annual for county-by-county regulations or call any TPWD office.

General Regulations

You must adhere to local, state, and federal regulations regarding hunting.

LAMPS permits apply to the General Season only!

ALL antlerless deer taken on LAMPS properties must be tagged with a LAMPS permit (this does not include antlerless deer taken during the Archery or Muzzleloader Only Season.)

Permits must be used ONLY on the property for which they were issued and MUST be signed by the landowner or designated agent.


For more information or an application, contact the LAMPS office at 409-489-0823, or email us at

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