Trap, Transport & Transplant Permit Program (TTT) and Trap, Transport & Process Permit Program (TTP)

The TTT Program requires a Wildlife Management Plan (WMP) media download(Word 455 KB). Be sure to complete the associated WMP form and provide to your TPWD biologist.

NOTICE: Summary of Emergency Interim TTT and TTP Rules Related to CWD

Emergency interim rules effective October 5, 2015

  • No Trap, Transport and Transplant (TTT) trapping from Class III release sites
  • Allow Trap, Transport and Process (TTP) from Class III release sites with CWD testing of all deer taken under TTP permit
  • TTT/TTP Testing Requirements:
    1. Test 10% of the number of deer permitted to be removed from trap site that year
    2. CWD test sample size shall be a minimum of 10 and no more than 40
    3. Suspend "preferred status" rules that allow for testing only 3% if the site has previously tested 60 samples
    4. No carry over samples from previous years

If there is a conflict between these emergency interim rules and other information on the TPWD website or TWIMS pertaining to TTT or TTP regulations, then these emergency interim rules prevail.

For additional information on TTT or TTP program requirements, please call (512) 389-8212.

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