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"Make a Coat" students identify plants and animals sources to make coat replicas representing various historical periods

The Project WILD program relies on a corps of volunteer facilitators (trainers) to conduct the Project WILD family of workshops throughout the state. These individuals are committed to educating others about wildlife and wildlife-related issues. They are on the front lines providing six-hour Project WILD professional development workshops to educators in their cities and communities. During workshops, they model Project WILD activities and share their extensive knowledge about wildlife and conservation education.

Many facilitators are professional employees of institutions (nature centers, museums, aquariums, universities, parks, zoos, etc.) that already provide professional development opportunities to educators as a regular part of doing business. Other facilitators are volunteers, among them enthusiastic classroom teachers, dedicated retired persons and others who conduct workshops in their spare time out of a desire to educate and share their expertise with others.

To become a Project WILD facilitator, you must first participate in a six-hour Project WILD Educator Training Workshop plus an advanced 12-hour Facilitator Training Workshop. Facilitators must also make a commitment to teach at least one workshop per year. In addition to conducting workshops, facilitators are responsible for maintaining and submitting required program paperwork and adhering to agency guidelines.

If you would like to become a Project WILD Facilitator, please email us at or call during normal business hours at 1.800.792.1112 ext 9-4369 or 512.389.4369. Facilitator trainings are offered on a periodic basis or arrangements can be made to host a training at your site.

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