Growing Up WILD Overview


Growing Up WILD is an early childhood education program that builds on children’s sense of wonder about nature and invites them to explore wildlife and the world around them.  Through a wide range of activities and experiences, Growing Up WILD provides an early foundation for developing positive impressions about the natural world and lifelong social and academic skills.

Growing Up WILD is written especially for early childhood educators of children ages 3-7.  
Features 27 field-tested, hands-on, nature based activities in a full-color 11”x17” activity guide.
Includes crafts, art projects, music, conservation activities, reading and math connections and much more. Involves social, emotional, physical, language, and cognitive domains to help foster learning and development in all areas.
Supports developmentally appropriate practice allowing children to learn at levels that are individually, socially, and culturally appropriate.
Is correlated to the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) Standards and the Head Start Domains.

View the Table of Contents or a sample activity that exemplifies the Growing Up WILD's main goals, connecting young children with nature. Simple and accessible, the activity invites children to engage in a dramatic play fishing game and learn about fish, bringing wildlife "closer to home." Not only does the activity help students become aware of how fish use their bodies to swim through water, but it invites them to explore fish and their natural environments through games, song, math, reading and more.

See the list of current workshops or contact us at for information on how to schedule a workshop for your group. 

Growing Up WILD Brochure

Copy Me Pages provide resources to support the procedures of several Growing Up WILD activities. These reproducible pages are available as easy-to-print PDF's.


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