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ShareLunker largemouth bass stocked in 2006

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Water Body Number Stocked Size
Alan Henry 7,184 Fingerling 
Amistad 4,519 Fingerling 
Casa Blanca 4,517 Fingerling 
Conroe 4,592 Fingerling 
Lake Fork 4,800 Fingerling 
Lewisville 3,585 Fingerling 
Marine Creek 6,290 Fingerling 
Pinkston 11,150 Fingerling 
Private Lake 3,372 Fingerling 
Purtis Creek State Park Lake 8,734 Fingerling 
Ratcliff 3,337 Fingerling 
San Augustine City 4,592 Fingerling 
Toledo Bend 4,592 Fingerling 
TXU Contract Lake #1 741 Fingerling 
TXU HR-10 749 Fingerling 
Total Stocked 72,754  


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