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Water Body Number Stocked Size
Amistad 2,614 Fingerling 
Austin 12,612 Fingerling 
Casa Blanca 2,782 Fingerling 
Conroe 2,779 Fingerling 
Falcon 2,842 Fingerling 
Lake Fork 2,897 Fingerling 
Marine Creek 6,254 Fingerling 
Nacogdoches 19,991 Fingerling 
Pinkston 10,967 Fingerling 
Purtis Creek State Park Lake 8,807 Fingerling 
Richland-Chambers 9,739 Fingerling 
Sam Rayburn 2,604 Fingerling 
Sweetwater 39,970 Fingerling 
Toledo Bend 2,604 Fingerling 
TXU H-3R 5,400 Fingerling 
Tyler State Park 2,019 Fingerling 
Waco 2,884 Fingerling 
Total Stocked 137,765  


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