ShareLunker largemouth bass stocked in 2010

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Water Body Number Stocked Size
Amistad 2,081 Fingerling 
Austin 2,220 Fingerling 
Caddo 2,166 Fingerling 
Casa Blanca 2,091 Fingerling 
Choke Canyon Reservoir 2,220 Fingerling 
Falcon 2,091 Fingerling 
Fort Worth Hatchery 100 Fingerling 
Lake Fork 2,220 Fingerling 
Lake O' the Pines 2,017 Fingerling 
Livingston 2,069 Fingerling 
Lyndon B. Johnson 2,220 Fingerling 
Meridian State Park 575 Fingerling 
Nocona 2,220 Fingerling 
O. H. Ivie 8,143 Fingerling 
Purtis Creek State Park Lake 3,919 Fingerling 
Ranch House Lake 1,055 Fingerling 
Raven 2,375 Fingerling 
Spring Lake (Contract Lake) 556 Fingerling 
Total Stocked 40,338  


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