Dundee State Fish Hatchery

Route 1, Box 123 A
Electra, Texas 76360
Telephone (940) 586-1203

Visitor Information

Fish rearing operations at this hatchery are temporarily suspended due to low water conditions at Lake Kemp, which supplies water to the rearing ponds. During this time, the hatchery will not be open for public tours. Operations will resume when lake conditions improve. Watch video or read news release

Aerial Photo of Hatchery The Dundee State Fish Hatchery is located just below the dam at Lake Diversion, 23 miles west of Wichita Falls and 7 miles north of the small town of Dundee, from which the hatchery gets its name. Dundee is one of two state hatcheries that produce striped bass and hybrid striped bass for freshwater angling. (See map and directions)

Man With Bucket at Pond Outlet About the Facility

The Dundee State Fish Hatchery was built in 1927. It originally consisted of 44 ponds (32.9 surface acres of water) and seven buildings of native sandstone including a fish holding house, three residences, an office, a workshop, and a storage room. Several expansion and renovation projects have taken place in the intervening years. Dundee is currently the largest Texas state hatchery in operation, with 97 ponds providing 83 surface acres. Seventy-three new ponds with state-of-the-art polypropylene membrane liners were completed in 1993 at a cost of approximately $7 million.

A 3,600-square-foot spawning building was added to the facility in 1986. This building houses the striped bass brood fish that Inland Fisheries staff collect each year in the stilling basins of lakes such as Granbury, Livingston, Buchanan, and Texoma. Approximately 7 million striped bass fry and 7 million hybrid striped bass fry hatch each year in this building.

On-site personnel include a regional program director, staff services officer, hatchery manager, two natural resource specialists, two environmental specialists, and six hatchery technicians.

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