Regular (Daily) Permit Hunts

A Regular Permit is available for certain small game and waterfowl hunts on specific areas on a first-come first-served basis.

A $20 fee is charged for each Regular Permit issued, however, the fee will be waived for youth hunters (under age 17) and for persons possessing an Annual Public Hunting Permit.

A valid hunting license and any required stamp endorsements are required to participate in these hunts.

All participants must check in and out each day at the area check station before entering the hunt area and before leaving for the day.

The check station will open one hour before legal shooting hours, except on waterfowl hunts when the station will open approximately two hours before legal shooting hours.

The department reserves the right to limit the number of hunters, cancel or modify hunts or hunt dates, alter bag limits, or modify hunt procedures at any time to address resource and safety concerns.

Refer to the Prohibited Acts section for additional information and restrictions.

Youth and Youth/Adult Hunts by Regular Permit

There is no minimum age to participate in these hunts. Youth must be accompanied by a supervising adult who is 18 years of age or older. Youth hunts are designated as either Youth Only or Youth/Adult. During Youth Only Hunts, only the youth is authorized to hunt. During Youth/Adult Hunts, both youth and adults may hunt and require that each hunting party contain at least one hunting youth under 17 years of age in order to participate.


Vaccination of hunting dogs against rabies is required by Department of State Health Services and owners must be able to show documentation of current vaccinations whenever the animal is transported.

Additional Hunting Resources