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Quail in Texas

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department works with Federal, State and private partners to conserve, manage and restore bobwhite populations in Texas. The overlying road map for TPWD's efforts is the Land and Water Resources Conservation and Recreation Plan. Within this context the Upland Game Bird Strategic Plan: A Five Year Roadmap (PDF) was developed to ensure the preservation of upland game birds in Texas and their diverse natural habitats for present and future generations.

From the Executive Director

At Issue by Carter Smith: Quail Populations Declining

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TPW Magazine

For most of us, quail season started and ended with more of a whimper than a bang this year. Save and except for a few pockets of sandy country in deep South Texas, much of the state's bobwhite quail range was bereft of the very thing hunters and their dogs desired – quail. For all who cherish the sound of a rooster's penetrating "bob-white" cry on a crisp winter morning and the sight of an exploding covey rise over a good point, that's a real shame.

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Quail Management Tips

The structure of habitat needed to sustain quail is well documented. Although the types of plants used by quail change across the different regions of Texas, the structure of the habitat, which provides nesting, overhead screening, loafing, and roosting cover, remains the same.
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