Wild Turkey in Texas

New for 2015: My Texas Hunt Harvest App

Built exclusively for Texas hunters, this official Texas Parks and Wildlife app allows hunters to report harvested game in real-time. My Texas Hunt Harvest keeps track of your hunting season successes and harvest information so you can easily access them on your smartphone or tablet. The app also will help Texas Parks & Wildlife biologists manage healthy game populations to keep hunting great in Texas.

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Download the new My Texas Hunt Harvest App on your mobile device.

Note: this app does not fulfill tagging requirements for any game required to be tagged, or requirements for completion of the harvest log on the back of the license as it applies to white-tailed deer.

This series details the biology, habitat requirements, and habitat management options for Eastern Wild Turkey.

An overview of the grassland restoration process, which benefits wildlife species that rely upon the structure and food resources provided.

Three Fast Turkey Facts:

    If Wild Turkeys could smell, they'd be nearly impossible to hunt.

    The eyes and ears of a turkey make it one of the toughest of all Texas game animals. Their vision is the keenest among all Texas game animals. They are especially astute at pinpointing movement and can hone in on noises from a mile away.

    Wild Turkey Revival!

    A hundred years ago, turkeys almost disappeared from Texas due to unregulated hunting and loss of habitat. Now, thanks to hunter and landowner support, bag limits and a restocking program, they are making a steady comeback.

    Where the Wild Turkeys are.

    Turkeys now inhabit 223 of the 254 counties in Texas. You can see them roam at many Texas State Parks. One of the most substantial and oldest winter turkey roosts is at South Llano River State Park near Junction. Want to bag your own turkey? You can hunt for them on many of our Wildlife Management Areas and other public hunting lands.

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