Wildlife Rehabilitators for Tarrant County

NOTE: Small mammals do not include deer or deer fawns unless otherwise stated.

Small raptors include smaller birds of prey such as screech owls & kestrels, etc.

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Name City Specialization Contact Information
Arenson, ThomasKellerBirds (including small raptors)817-991-0630 cell (9am - 8pm) No text messages please.
Forte, BonnieArlingtonSmall mammals (specializes in cottontails)817-459-2375 (8a-9p)
Miller-Skaggs, CynthiaFort WorthSmall mammals (squirrels, chipmunks, prairie dogs), White-tailed deer fawns, and Birds (ducks, pheasant, raptors)817-457-4021 6am to 11pm or cynchip@yahoo.com
Moore, Dr. GregSouthlakeSmall mammals (no deer); birds (including raptors)817-481-2014
Nobert, BelenArlingtonSmall mammals (excluding fawns) (specializes in squirrels)817-676-6079 (9a-10p)
Richardson, JudyFort WorthSmall mammals817-237-8500 (anytime), 817-560-0905 (reasonable hours)
Sager, MichelleRoanokeSmall mammals (excluding fawns) (specializes in squirrels and cotton-tailed rabbits)817-431-8850 (6a-10p) or 817-262-1309 (6a-9p)
Singleton, KayFort WorthSmall mammals (specializes in opossums and bats)(682) 556-2311 or sensiblepet@yahoo.com
Swadley, CherylAzleSquirrels and Rabbits817-781-7174 (anytime)

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