Research Funds Available

Please note that funding for research for certain species are restricted by funding source. For example, the Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Grants may be used only for birds and mammals in which there is a clear conservation significance or management need. Statewide Wildlife Grants (SWG) may be used only for Species of Greatest Conservation Need (SGCN) and/or their habitats as identified in the 2011 Texas Conservation Action Plan. For a list of specific research needs by species see Call for Proposals. Note that we will not be able to accept any proposals for SGCN using SWG funds other than the one Call for Proposals for mussel research.

TPWD will determine the applicable and appropriate funding sources for your proposal and rank it against standardized Wildlife Research Proposal Evaluation Criteria.

Please note that most funds have a non-federal matching requirement. In most cases, the applicant is responsible for securing the nonfederal match. Proposals should include a non-federal match of at least 25% in order to qualify for federal assistance.

Funding prospects for FY17 appears promising. At this time we anticipate 3-4 new projects in FY17 (about $1M). Of course, this is dependent upon federal and state revenues and funding apportionments. However, due to factors beyond our control such as legislative or executive government reallocation of funds, no guarantee can be made that any research needs or resulting proposals will be funded.

Grant ProgramFund Coordinator Total Amount Awarded per Year (FY2016)Annual Project Award (Avg.) Financial Match RequirementNumber of Proposals Awarded in FY2016
Wildlife Restoration (Pittman-Robertson Act - PR)Amber Andel$1,095,000$365,00025%3
Section 6Craig Farquhar 25%
Texas Migratory Game Bird StampDave Morrison$ $25,250None0
Upland Game Bird StampDave Morrison$140,000$70,000None2
Horned Lizard License PlateJohn Davis$140,000$25,00025%0

  • Section 6 proposal deadline is November 15. Opening date: September 15.
  • All other proposals deadline is January 15. Opening date: November 15.
  • All amounts given are approximate.
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