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Texas Nature Trackers

More than ever, people are interested in watching and learning about Texas wildlife. Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, along with other partners, offers Texans the opportunity to do just that while making valuable contributions to the conservation of animal and plant species in the state. Texas Nature Trackers, associated with the Texas Master Naturalist Program, is a citizen-science monitoring effort designed to involve volunteers of all ages and interest levels in gathering scientific data on species of concern in Texas.

Through Texas Nature Trackers projects, you can learn how to gather data about various species found on public lands or on your own property. Collected data is sent to biologists who use the information to gain a better understanding of the status and management needs of various species. The goal of the program is to enable long-term conservation of these species and appreciation among Texas citizens.

The TPWD Wildlife Diversity Program is pleased to offer a mobile app that allows Texans to contribute to science while they enjoy nature. Downloading this app enables the public and trained citizen scientists to report sightings of rare wildlife and plant life. Whether you're hiking, camping, birding, hiking, or are simply curious about what you found, use this app to keep track of your sightings, and get expert help from other naturalists.
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Texas Nature Trackers Target Species

Texas Nature Tracker Targets are species that TPWD biologists are most interested in documenting.
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