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Red Tide (Karenia brevis) Studies Along the Texas Coast - Final Report

This report was commissioned by TPWD in 2001. Some of these files are quite large.

The following documents are provided in PDF format and require the free reader to view. If you have any difficulty accessing these documents, please contact us for an alternative format.

Ecological and genetic characterization of western Gulf of Mexico Gymnodinium breve by Lisa Campbell and Pascale Loret (PDF File size: 399KB)

A Red Tide Monitoring Program for Texas Coastal Waters by Tracy Villareal and Hugo A. Magana (PDF File size: 2.47MB)

Economic Impact of the 2000 Red Tide on Galveston County, Texas, A Case Study by Garen Evans and Lonnie Jones (PDF File size: 4.65MB)

The effect of environmental factors on the growth rate of Karenia brevis(Davis) G. Hansen and Moestrup by Hugo A. Magana and Tracy Villareal (PDF File size: 1.75MB)

Development of HPLC Technology for Detection of Gymnodinium breve by Erla Bjork Ornolfsdottir and James L. Pinckney ( PDF File size:1.33MB)

Remote sensing studies of the Gulf of Mexico - an effort in red tide prediction by Sonia C. Gallegos, Xiaogang Chen, and Melba M. Crawford (PDF File size: 1.08MB)