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Dec. 20, 2004

Wireless Internet Service Debuts in Five Texas State Parks

AUSTIN, Texas — TengoInternet and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department are starting a pilot program to offer wireless Internet service at five Texas state parks — Choke Canyon State Park (Calliham) near Three Rivers, Blanco State Park near Blanco, Balmorhea State Park near Toyahvale, Goose Island State Park near Rockport, and Ray Roberts Lake State Park (Isle du Bois) near Pilot Point.

The pilot program is designed to determine visitor interest for Wi-Fi within the state parks system. Wi-Fi, short for wireless fidelity, allows computer users to share a high-speed Internet connection without the cumbersome wires or delays caused by dial-up access. The wireless service will allow park guests to access the Internet to gain park information, send e-mail or pictures, or just surf the Web, without having to plug cables into a network.

The TengoInternet service will be available for park visitors in the pilot parks beginning Jan. 1. Park visitors will be able to use the service for free during a promotional period and then pay for usage later in the spring.

"The State Parks Division is excited to provide wireless Internet to our visitors at some of our state parks in Texas," said Pam Carleton, TPWD’s state parks concession manager. "Though we realize many folks want to escape technology while at parks, this is an option for those who want to plan their next camping stop, check weather and get other information online."

"This is a great opportunity for TengoInternet to help TPWD assess interest for Wi-Fi in its parks and to demonstrate our excellent service," said Eric Stumberg, president and CEO of TengoInternet.

TengoInternet is the oldest and largest wireless Internet service provider for the campground industry, enabling campground operators to keep their customers connected. TengoInternet currently provides broadband wireless access service for campgrounds, hotels and apartment complexes throughout the United States.

For more information about TengoInternet’s wireless service, please call (512) 750-4979. For overnight camping reservations at a Texas state park, please call (512) 389-8900. For general state park information, call (800) 792-1112.

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